The “new” TUI AG is the world's biggest integrated tourism Group – and we also want to head the field on matters of sustainability. We are pursuing our road into the future with our eyes open and our minds alert. So we constantly review the effects of what we do and take responsibility for the environment, for the society around us and for our employees. Because sustainable growth is intelligent growth. We haven’t reached our goal yet – but we have come a long way.

Sustainable development in the TUI Group

Accepting responsibility

The term “sustainability” celebrated its tercentenary in 2013. The principle – first introduced in 1713 by Hans Carl von Carlowitz to describe responsible forest management – remains highly topical hundreds of years later. But what does sustainability mean for the TUI Group?

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We see economic, environmental and social sustainability as a key underlying principle of our corporate governance and a pillar of our strategy for steadily enhancing the value of the company. This is how we create the conditions for the TUI Group to remain commercially successful in the long term and how we take responsibility for future generations.

Our aim is to make positive contributions to sustainable development, both ecologically and socially, in our host countries and at our corporate locations. We are aware of our “footprint”, and we work consistently to avoid and minimise any negative impacts from our business operations on the natural and social environment.

Setting priorities

TUI’s sustainability strategy is based on a detailed analysis of the key aspects of sustainability as they relate to our commercial operations and of the op­portunities and risks that follow. Fields of action are accordingly defined across the Group, and these cre­-ate the framework for the sustainability effort at TUI.

In 2013 we carried out another stakeholder survey. The purpose was to measure our performance against the expectations of constituencies with very wide-ranging interests and to use this as an instrument for developing our sustainability strategy further. Many stakeholders were represented, such as shareholders, customers, employees, politicians, journalists, suppliers and conservationists.

The findings of the survey show that the issues “security and crisis management” and “compliance” are seen as extremely relevant to the TUI Group. Great importance is also attached to a variety of environmental issues, including protecting the climate and managing resources prudently. On several issues, respondents attributed greater value to the question than is reflected in the current intensity of TUI’s efforts. We have used this feedback to derive appropriate action towards improvement.

Transparent reporting

The TUI Group reports in detail on targets, activities, milestones and indicators. We gear this reporting to internationally recognised standards, such as the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Current project developments and campaigns are regularly published on our website at . In addition to this our Group companies provide detailed information about their own sustainability programmes on their local websites – a list of links can be found on the Group website mentioned above.

Declaring commitment

In September 2014 TUI AG signed up to the United Nations Global Compact. The Global Compact is an initiative set up to encourage companies to gear their operations and strategies to universally acknowledged principles. The TUI Group has a Code of Conduct which applies to all its businesses and which is inspired by the guiding values of the Global Compact.

The fundamental values enshrined in the Global Compact relate to human rights, labour standards, environment protection and fighting corruption. By signing up to the Global Compact, we are orienting our own actions to these values, and we also create and maintain processes to implement them in practise throughout our sphere of influence.

Sustainable investment

Apart from classical parameters such as security, profitability and corporate liquidity, financial investors are increasingly motivated in their decisions by environmental and social factors. Sustainability indices make it easier for investors of this disposition to identify companies which respect international standards of responsibility towards the environment and towards stakeholders.

Since 23 September 2014 TUI AG has been the only tourism group to feature in the reputable Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) World and Europe. In the review of the companies listed, TUI AG scored especially high in the categories Risk and Crisis Management, Corporate Citizenship and Stakeholder Dialogue. Europe’s leading tourism group also considerably outperformed its peers on Environmental Policy and En­vir­on­mental Management Systems.


  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
  • FTSE4Good
  • DAXglobal Sarasin Sustainability
  • ECPI Ethical Index €uro

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices adopt a best-in-class approach. Companies of any sector can qualify for inclusion. The best in the sector are selected each year: these are the companies who score better than their competitors on a number of sustainability criteria. More than 3,000 companies trading on the stock exchanges are annually invited to have their sustainability programmes assessed. The ranking is performed by the Swiss investment specialist Robeco-SAM on behalf of Dow Jones, who maintain the Indices. 2014 319 companies were admitted to the DJSI World. 154 made it into the DJSI Europe.

TUI AG is also listed in the sustainability indices FTSE4Good (London stock exchange), DAXglobal Sarasin Sustainability Germany (German stock exchange), Ethibel Excellence Index and ECPI Ethical Index €uro.

»We firmly believe that sustainability is increasingly important to travellers and to their holiday experience. For TUI, a clear focus on sustainability differentiates us from the competition and generates value. Being listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the ninth year in succession is endorsement of our sustainability strategy and is a spur to our unbroken commitment to environmental, economic and social objectives.«

Thomas Ellerbeck, member of TUI AG’s Management Board, Group Corporate & External Affairs